The Goal

“The goal is to remove all physical and emotional obstacles, so the singer is able to express everything that’s genuine in their heart — freely — without shame and with total confidence. It’s the raw, unfiltered emotion unhindered that creates the ecstatic experience an audience craves…and this is what will change the game their career.”
— Micah Plissner, Micah Pro Vocals

Whether your goal is to improve your voice so you can perform better, gain range or to learn new techniques, I can help you with that goal. One thing I won’t do is pass judgment on your singing style. I will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in terms of how your voice produces notes. My goal is to help you develop your style while adding more flexibility, range and boosting your confidence as a performer.

I will help you add contrasting tones, or help you gain power if that is what is needed. My students tell me I provide the finest voice lessons Los Angeles singers could hope for. That is because I truly believe in my students and in my ability to help them get more out of their singing ability than they dreamed was possible.

The Experience

If you are reading my website, you are likely looking for someone to help you build breath control, expand your range and the instill the confidence to try new things. My technique delivers among the best singing lessons Los Angeles can provide because I tailor each program to fit the needs of each singer.

When you come for voice lessons at my hybrid, state-of-the-art Los Angeles recording studio, you’ll know right away that I am not your typical Los Angeles vocal coach. In the first lesson, I will locate strengths and weaknesses, and share the techniques needed for your breakthroughs. You will immediately begin your training, and I will show you how to turn breakthroughs into habits, so they become second nature and give you the confidence you’ll need when recording and performing.

You will learn how to eliminate vocal strain while increasing power, and how to extend dynamic range as well as develop personal style and performance abilities.

With over 25 years of professional voice coaching, I can help you get to the next level just as I have helped numerous celebrities. I also accept singers of all levels; you need not be shy about coming to me to help you develop the best voice you can possibly have.

Working with a broad array of celebrity singers has provided me with the experience to develop techniques that develop power and range without danger of damaging the vocal chords. As a result, I’ve had clients on MTV, American Idol and many other top entertainment venues.

Rock, R & B, Country – it’s all music and all about technique. I have no ‘favorite’ genre and enjoy coaching students in any musical category. In this way I can provide the most dynamic voice lessons Los Angeles performers can hope to find.

Results You Can Measure

My strong belief is that you cannot know if something is getting better, unless you can measure it. During a one-hour vocal lesson, we work on technique for the first half-hour, and I record you singing to tracks during the second half-hour. We do this so that you can hear for yourself where you are improving, and where you need to focus your energy.

You choose the songs, which can be your own originals or cover songs. From this recording you’ll get a tailored CD or mp3 focusing on your areas of need so you can regularly work on your voice to speed the momentum of your vocal development.

Each singer will receive recommendations on a training schedule that is tailored for their specific needs and goals. As a top Los Angeles Vocal Coach it brings be great satisfaction to help artists take their talents to that next level to make singing their career.

How do I book a one on one voice lesson?

#1 Review my RATES and POLICIES / F.A.Q.

#2 To coordinate your booking and payment please contact [email protected]

*Please include any important singing/music background information including whether you/ YOUR ARTIST IS SIGNED TO A LABEL, HAS  management, etc.,  AND INFO REGARDING CURRENT PROJECTS/ DEADLINES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION.

Please NOTE: All payments are due at booking. We cannot hold spots due to demand.