What is “Artist Development”?

Artist Development is the process an artist goes through as they are being prepared for a professional career in the music industry. It involves everything from the big picture to the littlest details of presenting you and your musical artistry to the marketplace. This means professional consultation on everything from voice, songwriting, image, production, live performance, and branding.

As a music industry veteran and vocal coach in Los Angeles, I have been hired for one aspect or another in all of these arenas, by major labels and management companies, to help offer guidance, coaching and direction to their artists. This part of my business is done on a project/contract basis, and has been a big part of my profession.

The good news for my vocal students, whether they have representation or not, is that I bring my industry “tool box” with me into every voice lesson or session, I do not reserve my expertise for my A-list clients only. Sharing my years of wisdom and experience, even with beginners, is part of the “vocal coaching experience, and thus I can offer some of the most seasoned guidance in artist development Los Angeles has to offer.”


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